Why Is India So Polite?
October 4, 2009
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The Indian Defense Minister’s admission last week that his country is in an arms race with China speaks volumes of India’s intention to establish itself as a regional hegemony; or counter another global ‘rising empire.’ Defense Minister A.K. Antony was quoted saying: “just as what China is doing, we are also trying to strengthen our capabilities.”

India has issues with all her neighbors; China, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal. But it is not only border issues with China that’s keeps New Delhi excited. I agree with A.K. Antony’s assessment that in spite of “occasional troubles”, India wants to resolve its issues with Beijing only through negotiations. But I read his statement knowing Indo-Sino border dispute is rather permanently intractable and 13 bilateral talks have yet to yield anything meaningful.

Of course India does not want to wage war against China and for that matter other perceived regional foes. But conflict with China has been making headlines lately and it reflects the popular mood as well. Indians will not forget the1962 war and understand that the border dispute is still unresolved. But there is also an envious, competitive India that is unwilling to allow China to become “the most powerful nation” in the next 3-4 decades. My Indian friends frequently send me emails arguing how India can surpass China in economic and technological growth. Of course military prowess goes with it.

As you may have noticed from my previous opinion pieces I think a hawkish Indian media is fueling a false sense of national pride and aggression and it shows: the Pew Global Attitudes Survey claims that 47 percent of Indians have negative feelings about China. And, 62% of Indians consider China’s growing military power a “bad thing” and 45% of them rated China’s growing economy the same way.

You can argue that this distrust is historical. But if you look through the archives of Pew Global Attitudes Survey you will find that this situation was substantially different in 2002- when Indian TV channels had not mushroomed all over the place. Although India appears ‘soft’ on Tibet these days but issues such as separate visas for residents of Kashmir trigger such hysteria that peace seems rather semantic.

India and the United States are both equally concerned about China’s growth. Indian TV journalists and analysts are constantly talking about how China will match, if not supersede the weight and potential of the US by 2050. Some Indians argue that it will be sooner. This is one issue of convergence for the American empire and it’s regional associate; India.

I talked to Prof. Noam Chomsky last week and India’s ‘complicated’ foreign policy came up. I agree with Professor that India’s foreign policy is rather complex but on many issues including China there is complete convergence of opinions between India and the US. We should not forget that Pakistan – even at points in history when it was a complete proxy of the United States maintained independent relations with China. Not only did Pakistan open the back door diplomacy channels between China and the United States but also maneuvered China’s entry in the United Nations.

And, despite all good mannered statements from Foreign and Defense ministries, Indo-Sino conflict along 3,500 km border is heating up. Recently the Indian Air Force chief, Fali Homi Major, called China “certainly a greater threat than Pakistan.” He is correct: China is no Pakistan. Indian diplomats have to mind their language, diplomatic manners when talking about China. They cannot ridicule and bully China the way they have treated Pakistan.

And, unlike Pakistan where the Indian government tries to be a mirror image of popular opinion- on Chinese issue these same Indian representatives are much more ‘stately.’

Watch a portion of my interview with Prof. Chomsky:

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There are 91 comments

  • MD says:

    media has and will continue to be propaganda machinery…lets face it, u cant do a thing about that. and real honest journalism is a thing of the past…its all about easy money for corporation run media houses.
    what bothers me is that we spend so much time and effort in pseudo-patriotism when it comes to pak-china-kashmir issue. how many of us really care about it genuinely? its materialism that we crave. should another war break out, how many of us would volunteer to pick up a gun and fight or for that matter even treat the injured in the hospitals? i think, if u r really a patriot, there are far more significant things that you can do for your country. south asia always has been and will continue to be a 3rd world country…forget about the GDP growth and stock exchange indices and nuclear stockpile. ask your heart, look around and you will know its a fact. our politicians – dictators and democrats alike – need to keep a sense of tension alive to continue to hold on to their power base. in any case, there are people paid enough to worry about geopolitics. let them do their job instead of us neighbor-bashing while we spit on the roads, speak stupid english, make irrelevant comments, become jihadis or shiv sainiks, make a fool of ourselves and subject the people from the entire region to criticism, racial abuse and smirk from rest of the world. ridiculous!

  • Aaqib Khan says:

    Dont Call Mujahidiens of Kashmir as terrorist. Jihad is pillar of Islam. And all Muslims in World agrree with Jihad In Kashmir And Palistine. If someone speaks against Jihad, remember, he is speaking against ISLAM and MUHAMMAD(S.A.W). Be careful, before speaking some thing about jihad.

  • geopolitics says:

    Excellent MD..! I agree with you 100%. Aqib Khan is the best example of the ignorance and the blindess in which today’s leaders want people to be in..!

  • nuff said says:

    I think Indians need to be taught a lesson and disintegrated for good. For this purpose all of India’s neighbors: Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and China should rid this pool of genetic garbage once and for all.

  • Epsilon says:

    @Pak-China Dosti Zindabad: Pakistan and China are Friends??
    China is Using Pakistan Folks!

    India is not Simply called WORLDS No.1 DEMOCRACY, The development of India is Well ahead that of China(ask the Chinese who are tied by ropes of communism)… and Pakistan; Uh dont compare to a nation who doesn’t know who is ruling them, poor Pakistanis… my Sympathies are with them…

  • Junaid Khan says:

    I live in India, It is my Country!
    My Unkle lives in Kashmir, he never had any Problems!!!
    I Celebrate Id and Offer Namaz regularly…
    I also enjoy Diwali with my Hindu friends and Christmas with my Christian Friends!!
    I am an Indian Muslim… and I’m proud to be an Indian!!!

    JAI HIND!!!

  • MD says:

    mr, ms (or whatever) nuff…why dont u just do it – get rid of the genetic garbage that is – instead of just writing about it?
    one potential problem with your endevor, you see is, when you use the term ‘genetic garbage’, you no longer restrict yourself to direct your frustration to a country but its people. now this genetic garbage has spread far and wide, to every corner of the globe. i think you will need a little more holistic approach than just involving india’s neighbors. and btw, you might have to keep an united front; given the fact that each of these countries have such tumultuous state of affairs domestically, uniting yourselves with your next door neighbor may be the biggest challenge you will face.
    however, wish you the very best of luck with your mission. hope to see indians obliterated from the face of the earth in…umm, say about…umm…in the next few millenia?

  • Kush says:

    @Mohammad Ali: I dont what to say. Well there are a lot of negatives about china too we should not ignore it. China is a Iron Curtain country we only know what they show us. It does have weaknesses such as its poverty, extereme use of resources and destruction to environment. About the Olympic games I would well done but I think its too expensive down under it will pay a big price for this show off and savage use of wealth. China has many internal conflicts which it yet has to resolve we only see the canthanese part of china not the deteriorating mandarin part. Every year china’s gobi desert extends as big as Texas(know UN fact) this will hit china in the longer run.Do not forget the russians for they do love india for which they even have a great political history with india.Europe America do depend on inida for a lot of skilled labour which would creat crisis in the west if india is harmed India is of great importance to many countries as it does not pose a authorative and bully like behaviourism india’s foreign policies always have a peacefull dialogue and countries tend to choose india in many cases with respect to china. On the other hand china showing all good statistcs does not mean it could bully its way out. Today i due the love of our nuclear bombs there is restraint in active war like behaviour there are many dialogue processes before you can attack a country like india. china on the other hand could even make india an ally irrespective of the border issue in future they might even resolve the issue does’nt to whom the small piece of land goes to as long as harmony prevails and countries use their resources for development rather than destruction.As for the knuckle head religious fundamentalist slow down your role the whole world is not just pakistan. Pakistan is just a piece of barren land hold a little military significance for the US which uses it like pimp for it day today military expeditions in the middle east. and for the terrorist group even though i dont know much about them a few bomb blast in year does not kill whole of india it is there to stand we have a very constructive government unlike uncivilised and illiterate pakistani government which caannot even protect a few cricket players(srilankan cricket team) what will you defend your country it is already infested and answer me with what happened to late benazir bhutto.

    Grow up…learn … get literate and dont yap out stuff like 150 terrorist groups because india’s been fighting them since the time of maharaja and sultans to the british and our own curruption and flaws

  • D-Croix says:

    O_O wow..where the world is going O_O hahaha ..personally i dont care bout…indo-pak-china-o-kashmir…issues..(they are never solving anyway =P )…its jus fun to see comments..of ppl..that are under…emotions..,hatred from ancestors,…some predictions dat even their country’s agencies arent aware of O_O…,yet some under media influence…, some completely DUMB IDIOTS,,..yet others are some EDUCATED IDIOTS =D….,just trying to save their country’s fake pride image. yet leaders are doing their stuff ..aww…….and althought knwing that their rival aint gonna get convinced…*since they are of the same type DUH*…at the end….all of u..making teams..again…saying..ok come try killing us…we will fight bak bla bla bla…O_O..yet some are day dreaming..of peace and love here too O_O…
    wats the point????
    well yeah there is one…
    and that is just dat all u nations and YOU ppl…are doing nothing but


    now some freaks are gonna come up wid…their ONLY-TRUE-REST-ALL-LIES…INFO…
    yet some are gonna post some real emotional shit…proving themselves a lil more DUMB-yet-BLINDFOLDED than ever..even silently telling..from which…socities…you belong *nations are far away for u ppl to talk about…who got hundreds of socities..parties..rivalry..yet calling themselves nations..hahaha..yeah rite…PATRIOTS!!!*
    well i jus wanna let ya all ppl good you are all doing…and are never gonna stop anyways..
    so me and the rest are enjoying 😉


    lemme get some popcorn 😉

  • geopolitics says:

    ha ha ha.. Mr or Mrs or Whatever (I liked the “Whatever” part the most) Nuff.
    You seem to be having dreams of becoming Adolf Hitler of the 21st century.
    Will you use nuclear technology to clean this genetic garbage? Will it be possible for you to eliminate over hundred billion people within your life-time? That would be nice isnt it if you could? Nice thoughts by the way but are mere dreams of an aggressive tyrant which only result in his own doom.
    Btw as MD said you will not be limited to cleaning up this mess within Indian subcontinent, you will have to clean-up Latin-American,Mexico and even the US.

    May god be with you in your holy endeavours like these.

  • D-Croix says:

    hahaha becomin hitler n stuff…XD dats nt ma type….even killing billions wont do any good…since….trillion more would no need to kill all the entertainment..anyway =D *talking about the whole world..*…since..ppl..are fightin..with eachother..killin…everyone already…People..are themselves..the hitler of humanity….


    some more popcorn 😉

  • geopolitics says:

    D-Croix – Like the satire here. But cmon man.. there are so many great people sitting here with their powerful and knowledgeable insights about genetic garbage,jehad and stuff. You shouldnt mock them…!!
    And yeah, popcorn is on me this time..!

  • Aaqib Kahn says:

    Hey Mr.Geopolitics, I read ur all comments. Interesting! Ur comments show ur low political views. Remember we love all indian muslims, and we behave with them as Pakistanis. And keep in mind, We have support of 50% Indian Muslims(those which are ignored due to hindu majorty).Inshallah it is not far when there will be goverment of Muslims in India.

  • geopolitics says:

    Interesting..! Aaqib Khan, so you read all my comments? Thats good..! But instead of wasting your time like this on reading comments and talking about stuff that ONLY your media puts into your little brain you should spend some time and understand how muslims in India are much better educated and having much better standards of living compared to those in Pakistan.Ok forget it , I cant really tell you wats the reality in Pakistan. But can you give me a few examples for successful and rich HINDUs in Pakistan??

    But anyway, there is no point in giving you any kind of political views because your view just like many other “programmed” muslims like you is just one :- “Hate people of other religion , because they did something at some point of time in history”.And it is not surprising at all that the other religion expresses the same point of view.Its fire for fire and it never stops.

  • MD says:

    geo…drop it man. as d-croix says its no more than sheer entertainment. you cant put logic over passion. the article wasn’t so much about pakistan anyways nor about any religion…but as it always has been the case, the conversation keeps changing track when know-it-alls start throwing in their comments. im outta here for good. guess we need to learn to start ignoring them till someone can care to speak sensibly.
    d-croix…dry satire isnt really good for health. care for some beer to add some fluidity to your train of thought?

  • Yatagan says:

    geopolitics: You are right Muslims in India are doing very well MashaAllah!, However when a Shahbana Azmi wanted to purchase a property in Delhi’s elite Hindu dominated society, her application was rejected on the basis of her religion (shown the interview on NDTV), this shows the cruel face of your society.

    You may be right that here in Pakistan, there are less prominent personalities who belongs to other religion, however, we do not kill non-Muslims like your Hindu-Extremist did with Sikh community in 1984 doomed episode and in 2002 Muslims killing in Gujarat under the influence of state machinery.

    A former Rajya Sabha member wrote about Sikhs doomed as:

    “My thinking was that after 20 years there would not be much of evidence left to bring the guilty to book and that it would be far better to know the truth. I thought the nation must know why the Hindus, who were so close to the Sikhs religion-wise, took to the streets and cut the Sikhs’ hair, looted and burnt their houses and shops and killed more than 3,000.”

    Full story:

    Secondly, I’m afraid you are least informed about India’s internal situation, Nawal Butt has said rightly, and let me add to it; there 175 reported insurgent groups actively working within India who demands for separate state, and fighting for their own version of freedom.

    Read More:

    Finally, you know what, you should be proud to us Muslims because we brought a Rich Culture and Heritage to India in early 1500 century and the monuments (Taj Mahal and many others) you market today as Incredible India was actually a vision of our ancestors which is glorifying India today in 21st century.

  • ninad says:

    Border issue so why did pakistan hand over apart of kashmir to pakistan,
    China had or is having border issue with 27 countries i think only pakistan has no issue rest all have issue i do think that for world peace it has to again give some land as no one will do to quench its thirst ( FOr time bieng).

  • Malik says:


  • Malik says:

    u bloody indians tumhari behn ki chooooot saley COWARD nation

  • e niranjan rao says:

    I think every one who has been discussing this topic has continently forgotten
    than during the second world war China & India nearly lost the war against Japan and Japanese were running parts China for 20 yrs it is because of western help that all of us could get out of the mess.
    And now also all the three countries depend on the exports to western countries to prop up their economy if they pull the pug in event of war all of us will be back to stone age.

  • Amoolal says:

    we as pakistani nation should mature now, international relations are not based on like or dislike for one or another, but what bargaining power we have economically or how cleverly we marketd ourself to the world india is doing both these things effectively irrevelant of what reality is.china and india are treading very carefully regarding their matual relationship and not rushing the things which cn effects their economic progress while not inching away from their respective veiws.we must realize that it is economy which can lead us to a position of some standing in commity of nation and not just hallow a true pakistani my vision is for strong pakistan economically and politacally,but with the system prevailing here we are not going anywhere,basic is to face all these crisis head on for that ruler must first win the confidence of nation.

  • rockstar says:

    hey great comments by geopolitics and MD, truly inspiring for those with closed minds

  • patriot says:

    @ geopolitics and all others..

    (now dont be excited geo, for being pointed out).

    What difference are you guys bringing to your respective countries?

    How about utilizing this space to make a positive difference in this world. What will you guys get from pointing fingers anyway. How abt sitting together and coming to a conclusion on how to end this misery and hatred. Its been 62 years, its time to forgive and forget…We all need to grow up.
    I am tired of the suicide blasts around me..used to having the building shaken whenever there is a blast nearby. quite used to it now. Is this all human? Is it human nature to be blood thirsty?

    i dont know who is doing all this, whether the militants are being backed by the Indians raw or the Americans cia..i just dont care anymore..i just want it to end like any other Pakistani..

    You guys all should be ashamed of yourself, for not making the world a better place to live in for our future generations…

    remember..what goes around..comes around.


  • NobelPrizeWinnerForCommenting says:

    Boy oh boy oh boy!

    What a discussion! Its addictive man! This Malick dude must be minting shit loads through those google ads!

    What a strategy! India Pakistan blog! ITs giving me some business ideas! 😉

  • masood iqbal says:


    We are in living Hell, children are dying,blood on the roads flooding, bodies of victims spreading all over the pedestrian paths, siren of ambulances are hoarding, loud cry for help is roaring in the air. These are the cesen of Pakistani streets, markets, and we don’t know how to stop this. We don’t have life any more, we cant go out, we cant shop, our children can’t attend schools, when the caskets are distributing in the schools, we can’t participate in wedding ceremonies, we are dying and we are crying for help.
    Every day, every hour, every minute, we are thinking death, eating death, listening death, speaking death, speechless with deaths, buried live under the ground with death, we are waiting for death, we forgot the counts of deaths, forgot the burials, forgot the names of killed and name of the killers,
    who are these people? what they want from us?
    what we have done to them?
    when they will stop killing us brutally?
    how to protect?
    what to protect first?
    come and see how we live? how we eat?
    how we watch horrible events unfolding in front of our eyes not on tv, but around us ? what our children feel and talk and ask about that images?
    tell us what we can tell them?
    we don’t know how to explain?
    Is this world for us too?
    Is this the world we want to live?
    Is this the world we have dream to live and grow older with our children and their children ?
    You are all looking and watching, what is happening in Pakistan on your TV screens,? Is that the medals for us to fighting terrorism from the call of you ? For the sake of humanity?
    For the freedom of the free world?
    Just let you know to be witness to these sacrifices from the Pakistanis and from our Pakistani children’s?
    From our women,
    From our soldiers ,From our policemen, From our shopkeepers,Our travelers, Our journalists, Our belongings, Our sweet homes, Our dreams, Our future, Our nation , and for all the World.
    Before we will die, we will still carry the hope,and courage, belief and believe for your bright tomorrow, and we will be unite, and we will say long live peace….. , long live Pakistan…..
    Written by, SYED MASOOD IQBAL& FAIQA BOKHARI and our children of PAKISTAN.

  • sawaira says:

    my GOD
    i READ ALL YHE COMMENTS ABOVE.Geopolitics is quite diplomatic,Krish is really imperassive,vejay have no manners of group discussion,ppl like malik n manan r realy very ridiculus.All the problem is of the false view we all have about being patriotic.Abusing other is not the evidance of our patriotism.War is not the ultimate sollution in any way.The problem is even after a very large time we hv’nt accepted both the countries as neighbours rather enemies for ever.This is the main cause of conflict n 4ever battle.We r nt living in the time where 1 can win a war against the 2nd n rule on bt it is the age of compitition,at the end only the most technologically advanced n politically sound will survive.Mere abusing others we will be just a source of entertainment to ppl like D-criox.
    wt u say?

  • geopolitics says:

    well you have just proved that how much information is available out of a democracy like India and how much is not available from Pakistan.All this puts words in your mouths.
    Nevertheless, its all politics.Why would someone start riots and kill people of another religion? Did your little mind think of that?No you wont because the issues are bigger than that in India.
    I am not bragging about India or the system.
    I am just urging people to understand that media and how our leaders mislead us into believing what exactly they want us to believe in.

    and @patriot this is my humble effort to try n explain people that how we are living in a MATRIX.We really dont know wat reality is.

    All said and done killing of innocents for whatever reason , be it a war for the rights of some religion or some jehad,is totally unjustified.

  • Abbas says:


    Total rubbish. china can’t protect pakistan. India is the mighties nation in asia. No one can match our sucess.

    You Indians crack me up, do you know why?

    Let me be clear Pakistan is a Muslim state and there are around 57 Muslim states in this world or so. India is a Hindu state, there is only one Hindu state and that is India.

    India has a larger Armed forces then Pakistan, how ever if that day ever comes when India and Pakistan gets into a full flash war that means a Nuclear WAR! Pakistan will Hit India hard with all the Nukes and So will India.

    Pakistan Will destroy India almost completely, But at the same time Pakistan has a chance to be destroyed as well but got a better chance of surviving more then India because of the mountainous terrain.

    In the end we Muslims live on!
    Where do you Hindus go because of your one Hindu state in this world? 🙂
    We will destroy your so called existence and your seniors probably know that.

    If your government is smart enough, they will never ever try to attack a full scale war against Pakistan. India knows they will get it if even they try it.

    Our history shows, Larger numbers don’t win wars, I’m sure it greatly helps but its the strategy and coordination that really counts to win a war.
    And we Pakistanis are good at it 😉


  • Abbas says:

    Oh yes, Forgot to mention.

    And China is not Pakistan either. You Indians mess with China you will get destroyed just by their armed forces because they are far more advanced experienced and wiser when it comes to war then India 🙂

  • geopolitics says:

    ha ha ha..!one of the dumbest posts ever by Abbas..!Doesn’t even qualify for a counter-argument.

  • paki says:

    @Abbas: I guess you are totally dumb. You are living in fools paradise. China is never going to attack India. Any war between these two nations will be devastating. No doubt India will perish but it will be big jolt for china as well.
    As of pakistan, china wont do much to help Pakistan in case an india – Pakistan war breaks out. US was not able to prevent the division of pakistan and moreover Chinese are very clever people. You think Chinese as our best friends? They just use Pakistan to counter India.
    Moreover, Pakistan cant even think of war!! It should first think of feeding its people. Indians are develpoing thier economic might and trying to match chinese with the help of US and we pakistanis will never match them especially if we keep on fighting with are own countrymen. Jinnah’s dream nation is long gone. All we can do is to survive and prevent the nation from breaking up like it happened in 71. India is opportunist. They will try to break pakistan as soon as it gets a chance. And this is all because of our own foolishness!

  • ab says:

    The most used word in India is INDIA.
    The most used word in Pakistan is INDIA.

    This is the most significant difference among many. 🙂

  • bc says:


    u lier…
    The most used word in India is namaste.
    The most used word in Pakistan is assalam alakum.

  • Sugato Mitra says:

    I am an Indian. I have no hesitation in acknowledging that we lost the war against China in 1962. I will even acknowledge that we lost that war very badly. I would agree with our Air Chief F.H. Major that China is a greater threat than Pakistan, even after taking Pakistan’s nuclear capability into account.
    But cut to 2009 and the objectives of wars have changed over time. In the event of an all out war, the Chinese may come out victorious against India. But they would come out limping badly. Even if fifty percent of India’s missiles are on target, that would leave a crater in the Chinese economy which might require decades to fill up. And for my Pakistani friends who are joyous at the prospect of riding piggyback on China to a victory against India, just think what would happen if fifty percent of the missiles aimed at China decide to fly to a different direction. India is notorious for her misdirected ballistics.
    A war would serve no purpose, not for India, China or Pakistan. China inspite of its muscle flexing knows that better than anyone else. I am sure Pakistan realises that too.

  • Xylon Pan says:

    Why Indians are so arrogant,just like South Korea?That’s why you two countries are not welcomed in China,especially on the Internet.Just remember you are not America,you have nothing to be proud of!

  • matrix says:

    Chinese are smart.Indians and Pakistanis are idiots.

  • kapss says:

    Pakistan Will destroy India almost completely, But at the same time Pakistan has a chance to be destroyed as well but got a better chance of surviving more then India because of the mountainous terrain.

    So, you will be protected from a nuclear attack because of the “mountainous terrain”. Well that ends the discussion for me.
    Good to know that in Pakistan, even mental asylums have internet connectivity.

  • kapss says:

    Chinese are smart.Indians and Pakistanis are idiots.

    Ya, thats why over 30% of NASA employees and over 20% of Google and Microsoft employees are Indians or of Indian origin.

  • navin says:

    Why not India and pakistan should turn in to one nation. Before 1947 these two countries were one. Hindu religion is very much broad. In India Hindu shrined 33o million god and goddes Muhammad Saheb and Jesus Christ are also worshiped by Hindu here.The Muslim here also observe fast on the occassion of Durga puja. 99% of Muslim liviing in Indian subcontinent(which inclueds India, pakistan, Bangaldesh, Nepal, Afghanistan and SriLanka have their Hindu Origin. People of pakistan will get respectful place in India if they respect hindu. Only Hindu Indanm can save pakistani Islam from Osama’s dictetorship. If Osama bin Laden’s dream comes true, the middle calss and lower middle class will be ruined in pakistan under rude form of medival ruling of islam. Is is just to marry 4 women by a single man under the sheild of Islam? O My Pakistani Muslaman come and join my hand to save our land form attaccars acctually we are the son of Aryans. It is our duty to save our Aryan culture.Indian and Pakistani are Aryan and but Ossama and the Arabs are the scion of non-Aryan. Save the Veda which is the holiest book of Aryan. It is your duty to save your blood and religion.

  • Saptarshi says:

    cool one dude lol!!!! is that yours??@JOKE:

  • способ изготовления дивана says:

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