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  1. Zaraq Khan
    Zaraq Khan November 17, 2009 at 5:39 am |

    @Nikhil… Dear look i m calling u dear.. nice to see u speaking with some facts n in better language then before… i really appreciate if both sides instead abusing each other…

    well i do not know about others but i didnt intend to abuse ur religion.. i was discussing the logics. so an example i put the example of u Hindo religion that they do such practices. but i take my words back. hopefully ur soul is pleased with my this action.

    u spoke about Kasab.. it was our media who acted with full responsibility and admitted that the kasab is Pakistani national. can u quote any single example at ur side of media acting against government will.. n governments have complex decsions to take.. our government was also aware he lived there but since he does not have ID card so government needed further proves to clerify its nationality anyways..

    about CNN.. i do not know the name of Zee TV founder but he was addressing the seminar in India… i saw it on ur News Channel that American and western media is still not free they r controlled by their respective governments but they do lecture other countries on freedom of media.. americans lectures whole world about market economy but they ve not opened their strategic areas for international investors..

    so their governments starts the case first through media then their politicians speak about those topics live example r Iraq where media were bombing with the proofs of WMD so now american media is against pakistan.. they want to break pakistan, they r afraid of our nuclear technology so naturally for that they r amusing india bcoz they want to use it….
    u quoted ajmal kasab saying that his father sold him for money.. dear if i lock u in a well furnished room for 7 days n do not allow u meet, see or speak anybody u ll confess far more things then Ajmal Kasab did.. i m not backing him up for what he did.. but i m telling u the logic that ppl who r in such isolation they tend to do suicide often, they get mentally sick too like ur intelligence agencies send few pakistani after years of jail in india.. they even did not know their name.. they were mentally destabilized… we set free Kashmir singh who was arrested for spying as a goodwill gesture.. after his release he gave public confession that he was indian spy n who much he used to charge indian gov. etc.. Sarbajeet singh would ve been released by pakistani government (till now he is in pakistani jail n who is convicted in lahore bomb case…)but due to his pubic confession the public roar is against such favours to indian spy like sarbajeet singh… we Pakistanis has bigger hearts then u …give one example where india acted like a big nation.. where she helped her neighbors.. not a single Indian neighbor is happy from indian government this was what the logic behind this article…

    Today’s news is hopeful n lets cross our fingers indian-pakistan have started back-door diplomacy over kashmir again.. see what happens..
    the point to make,india speaks about Pakistan army n ISI rule in government affairs. Manmohan Sigh in previous negotiations with paksitan admitted pakistan’s right over Siachin n he was about to withdraw its troops from there.. but ur army chief intervened and staled who processes. well it was unfortunate act, it could be biggest CBM from india.. so armys play rule everywhere..dude if u want i can tell u the source of this information too.. Indian writer wrote this article.. http://www.saag.org. u ll see no of articles their against Pakistan.. heheheh

    i ll urge to reply me some information… I’ve no doubt over ur patriotism.. such hoax attitude not gonna help either of us. after few years this current generation will be leading both countries. so we must go for conflict resolution.. do not involve India in “The Great Game”…
    take care

  2. Wasio Abbasi
    Wasio Abbasi November 17, 2009 at 3:15 pm |

    @ Nikhil

    Wish I could have replied you but as I can see, Zaraq did a prompt and better job of it. What I can say is to defend your views the way you have always been doing. Take the idiots head on who call you names and abuse you. Praveen used strong words and I used similar to counter, same would work on your part as well. It’s a sub-continental problem. Jab tak bai-izzat na kia jai, izzat ka khayal nahi ata.

    Always keep chosen words to silence idiots but use them sparingly. The more you’ll use, the more they will get common and more resistant and prepared will be the opposition be.

  3. nikhil
    nikhil November 18, 2009 at 5:10 am |

    @Zaraq Khan, wasio abbasi
    thnx for using the word “dear”.
    anyways mate, my other comment is still awaiting moderator permission so i guess u din evry thin i wanted.
    so u said u give sum1 a plush room for 7days n they’ll confess..?? i suppose ahfiz syed was done on dat..n the odr alleged suspects r also being given that luxury in pakista..that lakhvi guy..y don they confess?? n if at all they’ve done, y doesn ur police or govt come out wit a statement??

    n dude one more thing…u say u’ve had enuff of these terrorist strikes in ur country??!!??
    its gonna be the 1st anniversary of mumbai attacks,,,n wat has ur country done??!!????? “POSTPONE THE TRIALS OF THE ACCUSED” !!
    do u think in the wildest of ur dreams dat ur country will stop terrorism if these jehadis r not tried n brought to book???
    how dude??? how?? how will u instigate a fear in the hundreds of ur youths being brain washed n to do these unhuman activities to only get praise by god in heaven??!!

    n d other point u said bout ur media doin a gr8 job in locatin kasab’s house…
    dude i watched on an indian news channel on 27th nov 08, one of ur most prominent meadia person, editor of a news agency i suppose,HAMID MIR, she said” HINDUSTAN MEIN PATAKA BHI PHAT TA HAI, TO USKA BLAME PAKISTAN PAK UTHAYA JAATA HAI!!”
    though after watchin successive episodes of Mr Mir, it was then wen his channel finally broke the story of kasabs pakistani origin. i applaud ur media for doin wat they’ve done after tis came out.

    n about u sayin dat i’ve spoken more dignified manner now, i suppose u haven’t read my previous comment at all. i’ve nvr been harsh on ur country in my whole comment, may be a section of it n u knw the reason y…n if ur talkin bout my comment on the nuclear arsenal of india n pakistan…then dude read the other half of my comment n then comment.!

  4. nikhil
    nikhil November 19, 2009 at 2:13 am |

    @zaraq khan
    dude one more thing…u said india has nvr helped any of its neighbours…
    tell me one simple thing..if 2 of ur immediate neighbours wannt to snatch ur home…will u go n help them wen they r in need??!!?? n dude if u do so…ur god not human..n dats the prob v face against pakistan n china, both of u r wantin u destabilize us.. wat can v do?? we cannot jus keep givin our land to whoevr demands……will u if tmrw afghanistan comes n tells u NW frontier
    (or which evr is af-pak border cuz my geography sucks) is ours will u jus give it away???

  5. M. Najeeb
    M. Najeeb November 20, 2009 at 5:39 am |

    Salams to all… I am a Pakistani and quite nationalist at that…

    I have read portions of this blog … It reminds me of what I used to hear when I was in school… It seemed that were going to war with India in the morning and by lunch we would have invaded that country…

    Reality is a little different… India does not have a reason to be nervous at the time… It is being pitched by the US and Israel (with all the dollar-printing power in the world)…They are trying to “contain” China’s influence (if that is possible with and introvert society anyway)… For this to work they need numbers… China has 1 billion+ souls… India has one billion+ souls… They will build India to be a threat to China… and then watch the show from a distance…

    As far as Pakistan is concerned, we are the counterweight to India in this region. Our role in the region is the same than that of India w.r.t China. We fight India while China sits and watches the show.

    Also Pakistanis don’t tolerate any attack on their dignity (me too)… Please grow up guys and be a little more respectful if you want to logically argue… This is not a Indo-Pak hate blog.

  6. nikhil
    nikhil November 23, 2009 at 3:09 am |

    @M. Najeeb:
    dude if pakistani’s don tolerate attack on their dignity, we’re no different.
    n the worse, u guys speak bout religion. an idiot on top wrote hidu’s drinks the piss of cows. sud v tolerate dat??
    no indian every commented on the practices of muslim community. shall i talk bout them??
    we r more dignified in many ways than our neighbors, so v dont do such idiotic bashing on religion, cuz every one has a right to choose his own religion
    u guys think every INDIAN MUSLIM is a WANNABE PAKISTANI.!! dats exactly wr u guys r wrong.

  7. Muhammed Ahmed
    Muhammed Ahmed November 23, 2009 at 4:37 am |

    @ Nikhil
    Shinnind India Developed Country by 2020 ( Dreams and building castle in air by sitting on american tail. Shame on Indian Big democracy this is indian revenue generation sector selling daughter’s and wives to lender’s in india. CNN Said

    Kathmandu Police bust Indian-run sex racket in Kathmandu (Lead)
    Read more: http://www.thaindian.com/newsportal/world-news/police-bust-indian-run-sex-racket-in-kathmandu-lead_100273164.html#ixzz0XgAxQKGk

    Indian’s budding sex empire in Nepal busted

    Emraan Hashmi can’t get a house in Mumbai because he is muslim. ( This is Indian muslim and shaggy democracy). shaggy india not shining india


    Farmers sell wives to pay debts in rural India ( shining india not more)

    Developed Country 2020 by Indians
    Report exactly about indian lathargic and pity situation
    Agri_oriented India has farmers selling wives to money-lenders.

    Pandemonium in Indian Lok Sabha over Babri mosque report.
    To kill muslims is basic aim of indian lok sabha.
    The row over the Liberhan Commission of Inquiry into the 1992 Babri Masjid demolition led to the Lok Sabha adjournment until 12 noon Monday after opposition members boycott the session following eruption of uproar in the house.

    While the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) demanded that the report be tabled in the house, following a media report that the Liberhan Commission has indicted senior party leaders, including Atal Bihari Vajpayee and L.K. Advani, Home Minister P. Chidambaram said there had been no leakage of the report.

    There was only one copy of the report and that was with the home ministry, he said.

    Dissatisfied with the reply, the opposition led by the BJP stuck to its demand that the report be immediately tabled. BJP members gathered near Speaker Meira Kumar’s podium, raising slogans.
    When the din refused to subside, the speaker adjourned the house.

    (Shining bollywood)

    Muslims can’t buy homes in Mumbai’ Emraan Hashmi can’t get a house in Pali Hill Bharati Dubey, TNN 31 July 2009, 12:37am IST


    This is all about to say ” World know indians in this context” by Allen Jhonson Washington DC

    Shame on u if u think you people are developed country.

  8. Muhammed Ahmed
    Muhammed Ahmed November 23, 2009 at 4:51 am |

    @ Nikhil

    India is a country composed of A large number of minorities concetrated in certain areas, we have seen how The indian State Sponsored Terrorism has hit the Sikhs in Punjab (dehli the 1984 roits)
    The Christians in Orisa and The muslims in Gujrat and Bombay. secessionist movement in Mani pur, Assam, Khalistan, Kashmir, Nagaland and 104 and so separatist movements there

    the separatist movement and the state sponsored terrorism against them The Indian state sponsorship of KHI the rebel group in burma, The indian Support for the Tamil Tigers, Indian Financial and Armament for TTP (Tanzeem-e-Taliban-e-Pakistan) by providing them the Milan rockets

    Indian Arms support for Balauchistan Liberation Front and Indias issues with China, Bangladesh, Nepal and Srilanka over territory as well as rivers and other terrorism sponsorship by your zionist indian’s.

    i think we can clearly see where the problem lies.. the Country of Hindustan (india) is a land of the Hindus… and its ideology directly conflicts its Constitutional “SELF” being created on secular grounds and the Hindu ideology of Shudi and Hindutava therefore the only proper solution for this country is to accept the demands of the secessionist movements and allow either autonomy or a separate nation to all different nations within India holding different ideologies


    the reason for terrorist or (freedom) movements in around the world and them perticularly being Muslim is that

    Most of these countries

    Somalia, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Bosnia, Kashmir, Palestine , Daghistan , Iraq are all ocupied by forgien forces or are being ruled by puppet regimes that do not reflect the thought or consent of the people of that country. lets not forget that in 1857 and latter we were all fighting for the indipendence of India and we were all called terrorists names like Bhagat sing, Maulana Azad, Ghandi, Nehru were in the lines of seperatists and terrorists. muslims and hindus and christians and sikhs of india were all fighting in the same ranks untill the election sof 1939 which allowed All india Congress (although secular but prodominantly Hindu) party that started establishing Hindutva concepts such as Vand-e-matram the shudi and sangrathan movements the forcing of Hindi over all citizins of india that led to a language conflict.


  9. nikhil
    nikhil November 23, 2009 at 5:09 am |

    @Muhammed Ahmed:
    dude, about ur thoughts on state sponsored terrorism, ur now facing the wrath of taliban, so u don teach us wat state sponsored terrorism is.
    n even wit so many issues of hindutva( done mainly for political gains), only sum idiots support it, still most, rather max INDIAN MUSLIMS r happy here.
    n dude another thing, wen u talkin bout hinduvta, no sikh in pak supports sharia law.
    n as far as LTTE is concerned, we’ve learnt our lessons frm them n went against them, but u guys still support terrorism n talibans. dats wer the difference is.
    n the most important thing which is leadin u to ur self destruction is sayin that terrorists r freedom fighters

  10. Muhammed Ahmed
    Muhammed Ahmed November 23, 2009 at 5:12 am |

    Kasab is Pakistani: So What? (PAKISTAN) 26/11 ALL PLOTTED DRAMA FROM INDIA,

    So what if Mr.Kasab is even proved to be from Pakistan? Any body in their individual capacity may indulge in any thing. All sorts of peoples remain busy in their nefarious activities; right from human trafficking to Narcotics smuggling and even they fell prey to enemy designs and on a paltry rewards even become traitors and may indulge in subversive activities against their own mother land. Exploitation and sabotage are the common tactics and means in use. The oppressive regimes have the greed of wealth and power in sight and they keep on exploiting the burning political issues of the targeted countries and by subversive actions induce anarchy and mayhem to destabilize and finally to see them scum to their designs.

    India has a track record of history that it is shamelessly busy engaged in subversive actions in Baluchistan and is actively instigating the separatist groups also in FATA and Afghanistan. Local hired individual or groups remain at play busy exploiting and grabbing the opportunities and are asked to be ready to hit the targets when situation become ripe.

    Owing to the peculiar precarious situation of Pakistan that it finds itself trapped in Global war against Terror and is fighting this war as a front state on its western borders. Wars have the tendency of spreading like wild fires and Currently Pakistan is fighting this war in even with in its own territory.

    India the arch enemy of Pakistan who has never spared any such opportunity; finding it a ripe situation very conveniently orchestrated a self inflicting drama of terror in Mumbai to implicate Pakistan in it with an aim to pinch and over run its eastern borders. Accordingly a clever plan was chalked and it turned out to be Mumbai massacre which occurred on 26 November 2008. Ten stooges are involved who carried out a rampage at some seven different targets in Mumbai. A lone surviving gunman is named as Ajmal Kasab. Indian Police has come out with the plethora of confessional statement of the surviving gunman in their investigation. This is established that this lone survivor, planted in the drama is named as Ajmal kasab who comes from Pakistan.

    But other than the Indian blame game in the light of confession of the lone survivor, Mr Kasab; there are many more straight questions requiring answers, arising out of this operation. Most relevant Questions are:

    * What about all others ten culprits?

    * How did they land up in Mumbai?

    * Have we hauled up all possible other locals elements who were responsible to support their logistic and conduct of operation?

    * Possibly no one can carry arms, ammo and logistic and also put up such a furious fight for such a long period extending for three days with out local help at the target?

    * There is a colossal failure of Indian Intelligence, police and security at sea as well as on land and why were they sleeping or say made to sleep on the wheels?

    * Why Indian Media and the intellectuals are not vigorously demanding a probe in the Indian internal security failures.

    * What is the fate of Hemet Karkare investigations? Reportedly in his investigations, he was holding the terrorist groups responsible, hailed and nurtured by BJP and RSS for their many subversive savage activities against Muslims and other minorities in India?

    Any how; if at all kasab is proved to be the person from Pakistan; more so, it will be the requirement of a fair investigation that he being the only surviving operative at the scene must be handed over to Pakistan; so that the groups if any operating under ground in Pakistan for such like subversive activities may also be dug out.

    Reportedly; some two years back, this Kasab, actual name Mr. Ajmal Amir along with other 200 Pakistanis were hauled up by Indian authorities while on their visit to Nepal at Kathmandu. This entire group is missing with any trace except this Kasab that he has emerged as terrorist. A Solicitor from Pakistan C M Farouque is claimed to be pursuing the case with Indian and Nepali governments. Why this report be ignored and why? What about other missing 199 and that how many more Mumbai like bleak attacks–> are in line; yet to be hatched in India?

    Matter of the fact is that India is refusing to come down to the terms to put up some joint efforts to eradicate this evil of terrorism found in our region for which Pakistan is relentlessly busy and paying a heavy price since long. well let see ” Times change we with Times” USA is useless to USE for every one in the world not only for Pakistan, now US Forces even cannot stop to die like a dogs in afghanistan. Now india showing and roaring more to afghan muslims, then you people have to ready for Afghanistan Mujahideen. They will take revenge you people dont know we are suffering but you poeple have to more because they are muslims, They are not taliban funded by 2IA.

    Afghan muslims will react as HINI reacted to your minister and other’s…. both are created by GOD for people like you.

  11. nikhil
    nikhil November 23, 2009 at 5:28 am |

    @Muhammed Ahmed:
    ur first impression on me was like ur a well mannered n a person who knew wats happening in the world.
    dude i cant help it ir ur media doesnt show the sequence of events of 26/11.
    the rest 9 were also frm pakistan n most of their’s houses in pak hav also been traced by ur media n the rest cud not be traced cuz ISI stood in the way.
    so god will support u guys to destroy india???
    dude the same god is destroying ur country cuz u’ve been causing bombings n other activities in my country for over a decade now n killing innocents.
    god wants these terrorists to be killed first rather than they killing innocents!

  12. Muhammed Ahmed
    Muhammed Ahmed November 23, 2009 at 5:59 am |

    @ Nikhil ( Just check the result ) and consider your presence in afghanistan is on the sake off.

    American’s are running with taking tales in their white asses and other allies are also afraid, including india, today your primeminister is in USA, just for fueling terrorism in Pakistan, well there will be absolutley Shit in indian hands. they are dreaming about to design indian government in Afghanistan, it will be a badest dream in the indian history for indians.How american’s with Allies are helpless ” Bay charay chalay hain Pakistan Fatah kernay” Bhool gaye Abdali wahi sy aya tha, M Bin Qasim wahin sy aya tha, haan yea tumhain yaad kerwana prayga.

    Afghan President, NATO Chief Reject Think Tank Report
    November 22, 2007
    KABUL (AFP)–Afghan President Hamid Karzai and the NATO chief led strong criticism Thursday of a European think tank report that said the Taliban were installed in more than half of Afghanistan.

    NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said The Senlis Council report released Wednesday “should not be considered as realistic.”

    “Of course there are parts of Afghanistan where the going is tough from time to time,” he told reporters after talks with Karzai. “We all know that…and we all know that NATO forces are in combat in certain parts of Afghanistan.”

    But he added: “The analysis the council makes on the situation in Afghanistan, I simply do not share.”

    The report called for NATO’s International Security Assistance Force to be doubled in size to 80,000, saying a study had found that 54% of Afghan territory had a permanent Taliban presence.

    ISAF spokesman Brigadier General Carlos Branco said it was unclear where this figure came from.

    “We have shortfalls and more troops would be most welcome,” he told AFP. But, “We have not identified a need for 80,000 troops,” he said, labelling the report “sensationalist.”

    Karzai was also dismissive, saying there had been clear progress in Afghanistan since the fall of the Taliban government in late 2001.

    “There are certain areas in southern parts of Afghanistan, especially close to our border with Pakistan, that see attacks from some of the Taliban elements from time to time,” he said.

    And “there are parts of Afghanistan that fall to the Taliban”, he said, but “I do not share the analysis.”

    Branco said the claim that insurgents controlled vast areas of unchallenged territory and 54% of Afghan territory had a permanent Taliban presence was baseless.

    “They control not more than a handful of districts, even less,” he said adding these were “very small pockets without territorial continuity.”

    The insurgents also only moved into areas with limited security presence and had often left before troops arrived to reassert control, he said.

    On a statement that “the question now appears not to be whether the Taliban will return to Kabul, but when this will happen,” Branco said: “The shops are open, people are on the streets, it is a normal city.

    “It does not seem like a city on the eve of being overtaken by the Taliban.”

    The Senlis Council has been pushing for the legalization of Afghanistan’s opium production, which is 93% of that of the whole world, a proposal that the government and the United Nations have flatly rejected.

    The think tank has offices in London, Paris, Brussels and Kabul.

  13. Muhammed Ahmed
    Muhammed Ahmed November 23, 2009 at 6:11 am |

    @ Nikhil Check the result in fights between Muslim Mujahideen with US-NATO forces & Indian taliban fighting vs Pakistan army, from both side of boarder Muslims are proudly fighting against the enemy of muslims.
    Pakistani taliban’s are indian funded agents of RAW, CIA, Mossad & RAMA.
    but they are just fighting for money not for muslim nation. Pak army is fighting for muslim nation.

    Afghan attacks kill four US soldiers: ( NEWS for INDIA in Afghanistan ).
    Monday, 23 Nov, 2009 3:09 pm
    KABUL : Insurgent attacks and bombs have killed another four US soldiers in Afghanistan, the Nato-run International Security Assistance force said Monday.

    Two were killed by a roadside bomb and a third died in a militant attack on Sunday. A fourth soldier was killed by a improvised explosive device on Monday, Isaf said in a statement.

    “Four Isaf service members died in the last 24 hours in Afghanistan,” the statement said. All the casualties were US nationals, it added.

    Copyright AFP (Agence France-Presse), 2009

  14. Muhammed Ahmed
    Muhammed Ahmed November 24, 2009 at 4:57 am |




  15. India Getting Nervous Over Pakistan-China Ties | Ibrahim Sajid Malick

    [...] And, I have written in the past that India is not only concerned with growing Pak-Sino relations, she is also worried about strengthening of China and Russia ties. [...]

  16. Indian pride
    Indian pride November 30, 2009 at 1:24 pm |

    To all my Indian friends why to waste energy here fighting with an uneducated poor ,beggar terrorist country .We should feel proud with our science,technology,medical facility and military power with which we defeated the weak baby country many times.Even they lost Bangladesh and pissed in their pants no of times.
    Their general prayed us to release 95000 soldiers in 65 war.Everything these bloody bastards have forgotten.
    In Kargil war their innocent soldiers didn’t get a grave yard where as Indian soldiers awarded and got respect of a martyr.
    Argument ,fight should be done with same standard country ,not a baby country like Pakistan.
    The muslims brothers who opted to stay in India are now relieved that they have stayed here not gone there.
    Those gone there facing death like condition.
    So i request you not to come to a pakistan biased blog where all poor pakistanis are enjoying with their terrorist dreams.

  17. Nathan
    Nathan December 1, 2009 at 5:30 am |

    Leave the politics to politicians.. why bother?? and please people stop fighting like 2yr old kids.. u all r highly educated people…its not expected from you people..and people plz keep your blind patriotism at check.. every country india ,pak china or US have some real dark sides but if u people continue to blame others …there is no point in all these…so people stop wasting ur precious time (like me) in these blogs.
    Most important goal of countries like india and pakistan should be economic development..guys we are still are third world countries..so stop fighting and arguing like babies..and try to do something positively constructive than fighting over the internet..
    At the end of the day all it matters is food,clothing and shelter

  18. Nirveek
    Nirveek December 1, 2009 at 9:52 am |

    it seems, as am regulerly followin d blogs……d main problems of pakistanis are all d problems of india. Weakening or getting strength for INDIA……becoming much more big problem for pakistani politicians and other prominent people…….Man….mind ur own land first…..basic infrustructure, amenities, stopping of home violence….almost u guys r in war in ur own land now-a-days……..so better first think about the good of people of pakistan….later think about d compartive study of india and china………

  19. Bipin Gaur
    Bipin Gaur December 3, 2009 at 2:01 am |

    “Nuclear retaliation to a first strike will be massive and designed to inflict unacceptable damage.” Thank you for telling me this indian policy which I was never aware of. The policy that we know is “No first use policy”

  20. Rajim Rahman
    Rajim Rahman December 3, 2009 at 10:47 am |

    Wow, Im new to this blog but then pretty impressive indeed!

    Now, Im a muslim and an indian. I guess those details will be more than enough in respect to this blog.

    Now, @Praveen Sharma, You have done a good job in ur replies. As well others who were pretty straight forward and to the Point.

    First of all, why you guys being soo sentimental here for? Im a guy who wants strong friendship between Pakistan and India. Now, mostly as its natural, the citizens of each country supports their own valour and thats it, nothing sensible is put forth.

    I dont wanna take sides here but then facts will always remain facts and no one can change that.

    As far as India is concerned, there are corruption as in every country. nothing grt about it anyway, but then if u look at the net worth of indians, which includes the undisclosed amounts stuffed in Swiss Banks (undisclosed but the amounts are coming out from the bank officials but not the connected details), You will be shocked to know that India will be the richest country in the world. And about poverty, its getting eradicated, nothing grt about it. As if in china and pakistan , all are educated to actually say that so. In terms of military, India has the largest military units in the world, thats a fact and nothing for me to side with india because im an indian. Yeah, China played smart in terms of military and other asset acquiring into their treasury. now, tell me, How many of like chinese products? yeah its cheap but even now, after knowing about what chinese do for adulteration in every single stuff they bring out, labour charge is less and ppl running after making money and making others fools, thats all, in tern, their overall per capita income will increase even if its not for their citizens but atleast nation wise to talk about. they have money and they put on strengthening their military and thats about the missiles to talk about, anyways, im not getting deep into that, not because i dont want to, i just want to get to the points and be done with it.

    Now if i speak about pakistan, i have many friends from pakistan whom i have met while i undertook my studies in UK. They are really cool guys and trust me, they dont talk rubbish unlike some of the guys who had posted some utter nonsense here, clearly supporting pakistan and not understanding the facts. Yes, they shud support, afterall, they are pakistanis. sorry i had been harsh but then, read the above posts and u will know how some guys have stated. and not to divert from the points, terrorism is a main word that comes out of ppl when pakistan is stated. Why is that happening? even pakistans ex president Mr Musharaf clearly said and revealed infact that whatever monetary support they got from pakistan for eradicating terrorism, they have used it up to strengthen their military for defensive purpose against india. now whats that supposed to mean? I strongly believe that pakistanis shudnt be holding grudge against India for stupid stuffs.
    Just like Mr praveen sharma had stated, we have lot of muslims in many fields of development in india. even our ex president Mr Abdul Kalam was a muslim. So, is the case in Art, Science and others. So and also India is multi religions and cultured nation, so why shud we actually go against pakistanis? because they are muslims? thats bull shitt. even for the mumbai blast thats happened before, ppl are dying, thats innocent ppl dying. even its been clearly understood the pakistans intelligence is clearly helping out the terrorists to actually bring india down, so by training them to do their job. Common, these are really big issues to be brought on to the table and solve it at the earliest. First of all, why is this terrorists using the word JIHAD when they are doing the opposite of whatever is there in Quran or even Prophet Mohammed [PBUH] said. is violence the best to solve problems? and how can other religious ppl can be enemies of muslims? just because these terrorists does things in the worst of ways in the name is Islam, other muslims around the world is being degraded in value in front of other men and women. is this what they expect out of their so called JIHAD or HOLY WAR? see, once when pakistans really put forth some move against terrorism and eradicate it from this world, trust me, it will be completely at peace with all nations. you guys know very well how many blasts occured in pakistan itself.to tell you guys the truth, i even felt like its a planned operation done in pakistan itself to divert other nations from keeping their eyes on pakistan in saying that they support terrorism, obviously, if terrorists attack pakistan couple of times, how can anyone say pakistan supports terrorism?

    Anyways, even recently many ppl have been caught in India, Indians who are muslims who have been working for the banned terrorist group, Lashkar E Thoiba. Isnt this all pretty clear that they are doing their maximum in infiltrating india and do maximum damage?

    Anyways, i have stated what was their in my mind and if for me to talk, there are pages to cover up but then i dont intend to to that here.

    Im not against pakistan but then they could do a lot better but donno why they arent doing anything. anyways, im sure now, many paki fanboys will hit me right thru to state again that india is shitt. anyways, no comments whatsoever for if God have given us common sense unlike other creatures he created, i would say only this USE IT!


  21. surinder
    surinder December 3, 2009 at 11:19 am |

    @Rajim Rahman: Wow! wellsaid Rajim. I respect all my brothers and sisters- no matter what caste, creed or religion. we are all Indians together. I also respect our neighbors, Pakistanis. I worked with them for 17 years in Middle East and not a single complain. I still talk to them every other days and they are very decent people.

  22. Rajim Rahman
    Rajim Rahman December 3, 2009 at 8:20 pm |

    @ Surinder, Thanks Surinder :)

  23. Muhammed Ahmed
    Muhammed Ahmed December 3, 2009 at 10:23 pm |

    @ Surinder

    Thanks for your compliments man.

    Salute to you man, because you know about us.

  24. Saptarshi
    Saptarshi December 7, 2009 at 10:19 am |

    Todays devlopment needs a mention in this blog as it is a fitting reply to the very starting comment of this blog. India finally signed the indo-russian nuke deal and guess what this time it is even better than the deal with the USA. Russia has promissed of continuous uranium supply even if India uses it for developing nuclear weaponry. This was the only limitation that the Indo-US Nuke deal had.

    Apart from this the Russians have also promissed to aid Indian nuclear scientists with their State of Art technology. So was anybody contemplating on any break down of Indo-Russian relationship out here?

    Even though I am a stonch supporter of worldwide nuclear disarmament but i see this deal very significant to India interest from a strategic point of view. It will also serve us a solution for the growing energy needs of the Developing India who has the fifth largest purchasing power in the golbal market today.

  25. Rajim Rahman
    Rajim Rahman December 7, 2009 at 8:09 pm |

    @Saptarshi, well said man!

  26. Positive point
    Positive point December 18, 2009 at 12:58 pm |

    Dear Brothers,

    It feels great that today’s youth understant the need of the hour for the developing countries like India and Pakistan

    I am dedicating this song to all of you.



  27. vjcherian1
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  28. hothead007
    hothead007 February 16, 2010 at 9:32 am |

    Fanatic hindu India cannot take on Pakistan what to talk of China, the indians must be day dreaming or living in a fools paradise, its not just a saying but a challenge to indians let them give a try if they have a little bit of guts up their a—–

  29. anurag
    anurag February 26, 2010 at 2:33 pm |

    Indians rever cows and flora fauna ,as in ancient times our ancestors understod importance of nature.thats a deep emotion ..pathar mein bhi bhagwan hai agar bhavna ho , aur agar tabiyat hi buri ho to hum apne saathi insaan ko bhi hikarat se dekhenge.
    There are lot of things jo purani tarikh se chal rahin hain and lets not comment on them.
    Muhammad saheb married several times ,par shayad us zamane mein yahi theek raha hoga…..
    muslim gair muslims ko jizya dene pe majboor karte the ,aur is liye kamzor imaan wale hindus ko islam kabool karvaya gaya….but when sikhs(measly 12% of Punjab population including seraiki,pakhtoonwa) or maratha ruled punjab and central india resp , muslims par koi zulm religion ke naam pe nahi hue.

    As far as nuclear weapons and faujon ki baat hai we should mutually disarm them and use 20 % of our govt budget for betterment of poors of our countries…today spending combined on education ,health etc is less than 10% of budget…

    RAJEEV MOHAN SHARMA March 25, 2010 at 10:19 am |

    India Can’t be compared with China or pak. At the time of partition PAKi thought that India has less cultivable land and pak has good fertile land. Today we are exporting and you are importing. China is a dictator country. They provide high subsidies to their products. It cannot be sustained for long. We have indigenous Industry. Pak can’t think of it. You are spectators, we are players. Technologically we are far better than china. Do you know Dell is shifting its mfg unit from china to India. Cause we have better skill tech man power. Your are rushing towards Indian Hospital for your simple sickness. So stop pointing finger towards us , otherwise a day will come when will be last country on this globe .

  31. J.Lat
    J.Lat March 27, 2010 at 10:26 am |

    If you’ve been following the news recently, you know that it is my greatest and most solemn pleasure to report as best as possible the facts and circumstances surrounding India’s ill-natured, snotty press releases. However, you might not know that we must steer clear of simplistic, monocausal explanations and mythic bogeymen. It may help if I begin my discussion by relating an innocuous story in order to illustrate my point: A few days ago I was arguing with a particularly puerile, maledicent purveyor of malice and hatred who was insisting that those who disagree with India should be cast into the outer darkness, should be shunned, should starve. I tried to convince this illiterate stool pigeon that India refers to a variety of things using the word “pseudoconglomeration”. Translating this bit of jargon into English isn’t easy. Basically, it’s saying that diseases can be defeated not through standard medical research but through the creation of a new language, one that does not stigmatize certain groups and behaviors, which we all know is patently absurd. At any rate, we need to rally good-hearted people to the side of our cause. Why? Because of what’s at stake: literally everything. Now that this letter is over, I pray that my logic and passion have convinced you that India plays ducks and drakes with a native battery of idioms that prescribes such egregious collocations of vocables as the basic “put up with” for “tolerate” or “put at a loss” for “bewilder”.

  32. Asad
    Asad June 3, 2010 at 5:35 am |

    Pakistan may be lesser in Weapons and technology from India but we do have one most important thing that Indians couldn’t have ever.

    We don’t afraid of dieing for our religion and country. On the other hand Indians are well known cowards. Our only problem is the rollers who are not very much loyal to the country.
    India won’t dare to engage the war with Pakistan, if it does, he won’t be same for ever.

    Long Live Islam
    Long Live Pakistan

  33. Rajim Rahman
    Rajim Rahman June 3, 2010 at 7:02 am |

    @Asad, My dear, I hope you have read my posting above. If not please do check! Infact nothing offensive in whatever u have stated but then think for once about the statement u made in your posting.

    That pakistanis are not afraid of dying for religion and country. thats a true citizen talking but then you have clearly degraded yourself dear. you know why? i shall clear it for you. First of all, No one ever degraded the religion man. After all Im a Muslim and Indian too. There are many Religions around the world and many in India Itself. nothing is happening special about it anyway, all are at peace bro! Now, Islam is getting a pretty fancy name of ” Terrorism “. Now why did that happened? ok Asad, Leave India, Why dont you go to some other foreign country and see how they will treat you. trust me, they will think you are another terrorist. Now how did that happen? same concept of what u stated in ur posting, that you all are ready to die…. yeah, JIHAD, Holy War na, so DIE! what else is happening now anyway?

    For once think like a Human Being and Learn to live and Let Live…. and Dieing shud be out of the topic forever… Allah had send us here to perform some task and that doesnt involve killing your Fellow brother and sisters [ for Allah created us all ]… so think on what you had said….

    All need to live happily and peacefully right? we all have one life so make maximum use of it than living for others…. If u die, who is going to benefit? Your family? Your Kids? so my friend…. live well and live for the prosperity of mankind….

    Allah shall bless you always……

    Cheers :)

  34. Anbis
    Anbis September 2, 2010 at 9:44 am |

    in terrorism too

  35. M.Qayyum
    M.Qayyum October 9, 2010 at 12:49 am |

    So why you don’t attack Pakistan??? U can’t do that bcoz ur Nuclear bombs are not very good….Watch ur TV channel reports…..u know Bhopal tragedy…:( SAD

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