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Voice Remains the Preferred Channel of Contact
March 12, 2015
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Don’t yank your voice cables if you operate a contact center because old habits definitely die hard!

Even though use of mobile app and web are increasing, New Yorkers call 311in order of magnitude more than any other available channel, according to data released on NYC311 12th birthday.

311 BDay

While majority of media was interested in the reason people call 311 the most, I was intrigued by ancillary data.

  • 200 Million voice calls
  • 20 Million online visits (web)
  • 2 Million app, text and chat sessions

To be fair, NYC311 has had the voice channel since 2003 and added web only in 2009 but the difference is still overwhelming.

An official Tweet yesterday reminded New Yorkers that they have many ways to contact the call center which was launched in 2003 by Mayor Michael Bloomberg to serve as a one-stop call center to oversee more than 40 city agencies. Later NYC added online and mobile channel to address changing landscape. Bloomberg administration considered 311 call center major link between the city government and its citizens.

There are still room for improvement!

Web, mobile, SMS and voice are separate channels for NYC311 contact center. You cannot start an interaction on chat and continue on voice. Having to restate everything negatively impacts the citizens effort.

However, 311 is maturing rather rapidly. Many returns on the day @NYC311!

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