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Changing Cultural Landscape of New York City
June 5, 2012
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Completely exhausted and enervated three quarters into a 90-minute hot yoga workout, the voice of Kathryn Leary — an instructor at a Bikram Yoga facility in New York City reciting the great Sufi poet Rumi — invigorates and refreshes me. As the entire class lies on the floor focused on their breathing, Kathryn quotes from […]
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Ijaz-Sehbai: Memogate’s Dastardly Duo
March 13, 2012
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Many of us who have known Shaheen Sehbai personally are aware that his ties with Mansoor Ijaz goes back at least a decade. And I have been on a hunt to dig out some old articles so we can analyze Memogate in its historical context. My intent is not to vindicate Husain Haqqani but to […]
Is Al Jazeera Honest about Pakistan? By Farhan Mallick
August 18, 2009
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Is it another attempt to widen the trust deficit between the United States and Pakistan or it is an honest representation of the 170 million Pakistanis? Ironically, the best way to find out may be yet another survey!