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Looking Through the Smokescreen: Challenges of Domestic Terrorism in U.S.
December 27, 2018
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Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, men imbued in the conspiracy theories and anger of the American radical right, drove a 7,000 pound truck filled with ammonium nitrate fertilizer and nitromethane fuel, marked the opening shot in a new strain of terrorism, by blowing up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City at 9:02 […]
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Homage To The Brave Journalists of Charlie Hebdo
January 8, 2015
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Paris, the city of love, is bleeding today. The cathedrals, boulevards and medieval streets are furious, and rightly so. Today, of course, is her September 11. She is in pain, and she is angry. France today faces the temptation of returning evil with evil, respond to violence with violence. Those inhuman terrorists didn’t only kill […]
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Mother’s Day in the War on Terror
May 9, 2010
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It’s mothers day again, America, 2010. The frenzy for fragrance-free flowers will make for a hectic Sunday morning. Everyone will be a feminist for the day. Mothers will lie in bed and watch the Sunday morning talk shows while fathers juggle kids and kitchens. The TV hosts will convey child-like heart warming messages of love […]
Enhanced Security of Pakistani Passengers Start at JFK
February 26, 2010
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“If a Pakistani passport is produced, the passenger, irrespective of age and gender will have to undergo selected screening,” TSA has informed Pakistan International Airlines.
Military Operation In North Waziristan Soon
January 3, 2010
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Following the deadly attack on a volleyball game that killed 99 people in the remote northwest of Pakistan, the country’s military leadership has decided to expand it’s operations to North Waziristan, multiple sources in Islamabad and Washington DC told us today.
What Will The New Year Bring For Pakistan?
December 30, 2009
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A note on Facebook from another Pakistani journalist Beena Sarwar proclaiming that “We shall overcome” leaves me optimistic that 2010 will bring peace and stability. But, it will take the Pakistani people to rise up and demand that all state officials and institutions respond effectively to this crisis and begin making the welfare and interests of its citizens an urgent priority.