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US to Spend $50 Million on Pakistani Media in 2010
February 27, 2010
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The Obama administration plans to spend nearly $50 million on Pakistani media this year to reverse anti-American sentiments and raise awareness of projects aimed at improving quality of life, confirms a Washington insider. After the Kerry-Lugar Bill debacle, the Obama administration had struggled with the idea of ‘branding’ aid and many within the State department […]
Where Are All The KLB Bashers?
November 14, 2009
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Why all of a sudden KLB is a non-issue? I was curious and I spend last several days in Washington DC trying to understand how Obama administration managed the PR fiasco.
Tough Love Diplomacy
October 31, 2009
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The Kerry-Lugar Bill’s failure has been the Obama administration’s biggest setback thus far; its development has been very similar to what happened in Iraq.
Aid or Reparation?
October 8, 2009
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Pakistan has received numerous aid packages in recent past (since 9/11) but this bill is symbolically different; instead of money flowing to Pakistan’s army it goes to civilian institutions. And, that is the major bone of contention.