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Traitor is the Ruler Who Betrays the People by Malik Rashid
November 27, 2011
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Nasty thing about politics and war is the only two sides one must choose from. You are a traitor for supporting foreign invaders who spread education, or a patriot for siding with the local tyrant who raped and terrorized.  Education liberated him and Hussain Haqqani did not keep out of politics. So he got scandalized […]
Murder at Symbol of Consensus by Syed F. Hussaini
July 3, 2010
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From 1977 through 1999, the Pakistan Army removed five popularly-elected governments at its leisure proving that the people could rule their country only with the blessings of the military. The rule of terror, too, is no exception. The terrorists trample Pakistan with the blessings of the military; they are simply the hirelings of the army. […]
Did ISI Murder Dr. Faqeer, Ph.D.? By Syed F. Hussaini
July 1, 2010
“ATTEMPT TO ARREST: ELDERLY MAN DIES OF HEART ATTACK” “Faisalabad—An elderly man died of a heart attack in Faisalabad as police officials and an employee of a sensitive department tried to arrest him. According to sources, Dr. Faqeer arrived at Fayyaz Colony on Tuesday night where two police officials and an employee of a sensitive […]
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Transform muscle-flexing ISI into civil intelligence
June 9, 2010
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Every state apparatus requires intelligence agencies, and Pakistan is no different. There are actually three well known intelligence agencies in Pakistan: Intelligence Bureau (IB), Military Intelligence (MI), and ISI. There are 26 intelligence agencies in the US. Somehow, the ISI and the CIA are the two that are most demonized. The turmoil in Pakistan’s past […]
Pakistan Army Celebrates Victory but ISI Asset Escapes
March 2, 2010
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As Pakistan army celebrates the capture of a key Taliban complex in the Bajaur tribal region on the Afghan border, terrorism experts suspect that the Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence, ISI, allowed one of the most dangerous terrorist slip through the crack. Interviews in Islamabad, Peshawar and Washington DC in last two days suggest that Maulavi […]
ISI Winning Hearts And Minds Of Americans
February 18, 2010
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With a spree of success in arresting three high value Taliban leaders, Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence, ISI, seems to be winning hearts and minds of American media and analysts. “Pakistan’s military leadership has turned around and now we can see the sincerity in their action,” said a terrorism expert on MSNBC this morning. Scot Joel, […]