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India Getting Nervous Over Pakistan-China Ties
November 27, 2009
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Indian Defense Minister Antony told his audience; "The increasing nexus between China and Pakistan in military sphere remains an area of serious concern. We have to carry out continuous appraisals of Chinese military capabilities and shape our responses accordingly. At the same time, we need to be vigilant at all times."
Why Is India So Nervous?
October 17, 2009
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This emerging dynamics between China-Russia and China-Pakistan engagements are unraveling India and foreign ministry in New Delhi appears to be on a tailspin.
Why Is India So Polite?
October 4, 2009
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The Indian Defense Minister’s admission last week that his country is in an arms race with China speaks volumes of India’s intention to establish itself as a regional hegemony; or counter another global ‘rising empire.’ Defense Minister A.K. Antony was quoted saying: “just as what China is doing, we are also trying to strengthen our […]