Charitable Giving: HP Donates WebOS to Open Source Community
December 11, 2011

Hewlett Packard was in the news past couple of days for finally making a decision about WebOS. For some the decision to declare WebOS an opensource project was a welcome news and for many it was “too little, too late.” A blog on ZDNet “WebOs is doomed to fail” argues that “WebOS, meanwhile, is getting dumped into the open, which many technology experts consider a last-ditch attempt at reviving the platform before it goes off to die.”

Look at the HP financials and you will find that WebOS has been a drag on profit.“In fiscal 2011, which ended in October, Hewlett-Packard posted $1.64 billion in expenses related to the decision to stop making WebOS devices,” reports Business Week. It almost sound like donating a broken car that’s sitting in your garage to a charity so they will haul it out of your garage and you will get to reduce tax liability. Folks in the opensource trade are not that naive 🙂

As if donating a broken car to opensource was not not insulting enough, Hewlett Packard CEO Meg Whitman first said that HP will develop webOS tablets and later company updated it’s commitment to Windows8. Whitman was quoted saying: “we’ll continue to invest in the existing tablet ecosystem” and in the near term “will bet heavily with Windows.”

So let me understand this – Whitman wants to bet heavily with Windows but expects Open Source community to jump all over WebOS? Good luck!

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