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The Fed and emerging markets: Money Matters
September 23, 2013
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One man’s misery doesn’t always have to be another man’s joy. But in today’s globalised world, economy often doesn’t work that fairly. The US economy had started showing signs of growth, prompting the Federal Reserve to toy with tapering. However, the Fed surprised the world last Wednesday by leaving the $85 billion stimulus programme unchanged. […]
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USA Lost Global Financial Hegemony
November 16, 2010
The global financial order with the hegemony of the United States has broken down and a new order with a new hegemony is taking time to emerge as China is refusing to assume the vacant central role. The international monetary system is in chaos trying to establish order to avert currency war and trade protectionism. […]
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China to lead G20 Summit
November 10, 2010
Leaders of the western industrial nations and emerging economies are gathering together to participate in G20 summits for the first time in Asia to negotiate an agreeable global economic solution to prevent economic protectionism that satisfies both the developed western nations and the emerging economies. Developed western economies with very low growth rate are facing […]
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U.S. Economy To Boom And Bust Again?
November 3, 2010
United States federal reserve announcement on Wednesday to purchase additional treasury bonds worth 600 billion dollars as part of second round of “quantitative easing” to enhance weak economic growth raised concerns for the emerging economies. The Fed said in a statement “The pace of recovery in output and employment continues to be slow”. The Fed […]
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Bashing China Solves No Problems
November 1, 2010
The campaign for US Congress election has united democrats and republicans in China bashing for all their economic woes. Republicans are expected to win majority seats in Congress and participate in US governance with Democrats to tackle with difficult economic challenges of high unemployment and massive deficit. United States needs to invest more in research, […]