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Newborn Democracy Is Abandoned To Die In Pakistan by Malik Rashid
June 21, 2012
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Judges of the Supreme Court of Pakistan disqualified the Chief Executive of the state from politics. The ruling party nominated another Prime Minister. A court issued non-bail able arrest warrant for the fresh nominee. The standoff between judiciary and executive has produced assault on the executive. Retaliation could emerge on official level soon. Judiciary under […]
Long Live Bangladesh: War Crimes to Independence
December 15, 2011
As Bangladesh celebrates independence day I am reminded of the human rights violation, war crimes and atrocities that I witnessed as a child. I first saw a young man hung by the electric pole not far from our house in Saidpur- but it was the beginning of a series of horrendous events that I will […]
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Traitor is the Ruler Who Betrays the People by Malik Rashid
November 27, 2011
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Nasty thing about politics and war is the only two sides one must choose from. You are a traitor for supporting foreign invaders who spread education, or a patriot for siding with the local tyrant who raped and terrorized.  Education liberated him and Hussain Haqqani did not keep out of politics. So he got scandalized […]
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Old Stinks More – By Malik Rashid
October 3, 2010
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In matters of religion, the older corpse stinks more. One might be enticed to learn from their rationale, civic laws and history but ethos projected by older religions is as deadly as the succeeding attempts to bind humans in a chain of loyalty for political domination. Hinduism failed another test of survival for a secular, […]
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A Road to Freedom by Malik Rashid
August 15, 2010
August 1947 brought freedom from foreigners who ruled India and exploited its resources to enrich the British. Indian politicians insisted they must rule their native land. The British, who built roads, railways, schools and hospitals, left India. Had the British been defeated in 1857 and independence came a few decades earlier, would we still have […]
Sherani, a quack, nominated as head of experts
June 17, 2010
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By Malik Rashid There is a council of Islamic ideology in Pakistan that advises government and legislative bodies on laws that are repugnant to Islam. Maulana Sherani, a rural maulvi from Baluchistan, without any academic credentials, has been appointed the chairman of the council replacing Dr. Khalid Masud, a PhD from Mcgill University. Insani Huqooq […]